Financial Due Diligence (FDD)

  • FDD helps to identify, quantify and substantiate value drivers or value inhibitors of the proposed transaction.
  • We assist in Buy-Side as well as Sell Side Due Diligence

Buy Side Due Diligence helps in

  • Providing valuable insight into the operations of the company
  • Structuring and valuing the transaction, Negotiating purchase price and purchase agreements
  • Determining future financing strategies
  • Identifying operational areas upon which to concentrate after the deal closes
  • Assist in determining where the value in the company is and where the “black holes” are

Sell-Side Financial / Vendor Due Diligence helps in

  • Negotiate the best deal
  • Allows greater competition
  • Retain control of the negotiation
  • Suited to the process where multiple bidders or investors are involved
  • Meet the timelines
  • No surprises/“black holes”
  • Reduces strain on management
    Reduces disruption to business operations
  • Minimum post-completion and separation issues

Tax Due Diligence (TDD)

  • Tax Due Diligence helps in reducing the risk of acquiring unseen tax liabilities and risk exposures associated with such a transaction.
  • Tax Due Diligence is important due to the following reasons
  • Identification of any material tax exposures
  • Validating representations made by the seller
  • Validating assumptions in the valuation of buyer
  • Structuring deal in a tax efficient manner
  • Identifying tax saving opportunities
  • Understanding the target