Corporate Tax

  • Advisory at the transaction stage for tax efficiency.
  • Analysis of implications of MAT, Dividend Taxes, etc.
  • Evaluation of Advance Tax Liabilities
  • Filing of Corporate Tax Returns in India
  • Corporate Tax Planning and Management

Transaction Services

  • Solutions for complex transactions or business arrangements, including advice on mergers, acquisitions and other forms of business reorganization
  • Tax diligence support in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate reorganizations
  • The advice in relation to tax treaty and anti-avoidance provisions applicable to transactions

Withholding Tax Compliance Services

  • Planning, deduction, and deposit of withholding taxes (Tax Deducted at Source)
  • Advising on all financial subjects which are of interest to the clients
  • Updating on the new amendments, notifications, circulars, and judgments
  • Verification of all payments to vendors in order to estimate the application of rates and determine categories for deduction of withholding taxes
  • Computation & Calculation of monthly Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
  • Preparation & filing of Quarterly E-TDS Returns and annual returns
    Managing vendors/employees for issuance of withholding forms

Filing of Tax Returns

  • Assistance in preparation of the comprehensive financial reports which ultimately determines the accuracy of the filed income tax returns. Also assistance in filing of advance taxes, obtaining certificates for the lower deduction, etc.,

Certification Work

  • Issuance of certificate(s) (15CA / 15CB) for foreign remittance under section 195 of the Income-tax Act, 1961