Why DD, Types of DD & Trends

Due diligence refers to the process of conducting a through and comprehensive investigation or analysis of a potential investment or business opportunity. This is done to ensure that the decision-making process is informed and accurate. It helps investors and decision-makers to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive analysis of the opportunity’s financial, legal, operational,… Continue reading Why DD, Types of DD & Trends

India Tax & Regulatory Compliances

Tax and regulatory compliance refers to the adherence to various tax and regulatory requirements that businesses and individuals must follow to ensure that they comply with relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines. It includes the timely payment of taxes, the filing of tax returns, and the adherence to various regulations that govern business operations. Tax and… Continue reading India Tax & Regulatory Compliances

India Forex Transaction Compliances

India Forex Transaction Compliances – The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) is an Indian law to regulate foreign exchange transactions and promote the orderly development and maintenance of the foreign exchange market in India. Compliance with FEMA is essential for any company dealing in foreign exchange transactions in India to avoid severe penalties and fines.… Continue reading India Forex Transaction Compliances